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Fast Withdrawal Status Change to SCAM List
fast-withdrawal.com HYIP Program status change to SCAM List. See page in Expert Lister : http://www.expert-lister.com/?a=details&lid=1424&act=summary
Dec-11-2012 07:25:05 PM
Oil Forex profits co. Program Status change to PROBLEM
OilForexProfits.com HYIP Program change to PROBLEM Listing in Expert Lister Monitor.
Dec-11-2012 07:04:35 PM
RichStocks Program Status change to PROBLEM
RichStocks.net HYIP Program change to PROBLEM Listing in Expert Lister Monitor.
Dec-11-2012 06:52:05 PM
Profit Clicking - Daily Update For December 6th, 2012
Daily Update For December 6th, 2012 Member Update Welcome New Members! Just in Time for Withdrawals By the Bucket!!!
Dec-7-2012 10:58:06 AM

$50 /week - $150 /month

$48 /week - $144 /month

$46 /week - $138 /month

$44 /week - $132 /month

$42 /week - $126 /month

$40 /week - $120 /month

$38 /week - $114 /month

$36 /week - $108 /month

$34 /week - $102 /month

$32 /week - $96 /month

$30 /week - $90 /month

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Fast Withdrawal Status Change to SCAM List
fast-withdrawal.com HYIP Program status change to SCAM List. See page in Expert Lister : http://www.expert-lister.com/?a=details&lid=1424&act=summary
Dec-11-2012 07:25:05 PM
Oil Forex profits co. Program Status change to PROBLEM
OilForexProfits.com HYIP Program change to PROBLEM Listing in Expert Lister Monitor. They Page in Expert Lister : http://expert-lister.com/?a=details&lid=1120&act=summary
Dec-11-2012 07:04:35 PM
RichStocks Program Status change to PROBLEM
RichStocks.net HYIP Program change to PROBLEM Listing in Expert Lister Monitor because we have many bad vote's from investors They Page in Expert Lister : http://expert-lister.com/?a=details&lid=1433&act=summary
Dec-11-2012 06:52:05 PM
Profit Clicking - Daily Update For December 6th, 2012
Welcome New Members! Just in Time for Withdrawals By the Bucket!!! You heard correctly, the new Withdrawal System that Profit Clicking has launched is up and running!!! Great news for all members. Current withdrawals are being processed in about 48 hours! Full details of how our new withdrawal system works can be located in our FAQ section, which can also be accessed through "Withdrawal News" in your back-office. www.profitclicking.com/faqs What you will not see in your back office is however - extremely time sensitive! Between now and Dec. 25th we are offering members the opportunity to enjoy a "Profit Explosion!" Ad Packages purchased with new funds will earn you 3% every day until maturity. To make things even easier you can calculate your potential earnings by logging into Profit Clicking and using our simple Potential Earnings Calculator. www.profitclicking.com/calculator How much extra cash can you use during this holiday season? Just add the numbers to the calculator and see what happens! It's most important to realize that this "Profit Explosion" opportunity will end Dec. 25th. Make sure that you maximize your earnings with 3% until maturity for every Ad Pack you purchase with new funds! www.profitclicking.com/member-profits-soar There is so much more news coming up in the next few weeks. PC's website has been changing a lot over the last few months. We have been listening to you and we are responding to your suggestions working hard, to make PC as user friendly as possible. Among new additions to the site we have just developed a slider that sums up the entire process of how to earn in PC. Members have the freedom to turn the slider off. For new members they will find all they need to know in the basic steps found on it. www.profitclicking.com/dashboard In addition members will in the next few days be able access the new "Build Your Business" area. This section will be jam packed with pre tested proven success ads for the convenience of members wishing to skyrocket their earnings by sharing with others. Remember in PC you enjoy 10% earnings on your first level referrals and 5% on your 2nd level referrals. www.profitclicking.com/be-a-millionaire On a final note we wish to clarify the status of the system checks being done on the results of the recent ProfitShift and the new withdrawal system. We anticipate these to be completed within the next few days. Members will receive an update once the checks are fully completed. www.profitclicking.com/profitshift-center We want your holiday season to be as profitable as possible. Helping you achieve your goals is our goal! Working for our wealth and success, Profit Clicking Team P.S. We challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than Profit Clicking. P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become "the program everyone in the know joins." If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it... before they join under someone else. Here's To Your Success! Profit Clicking Executive Team
Dec-7-2012 10:58:06 AM
Expert Lister Forum
You can send post and vote in our forum : http://forum.expert-lister.com/index.php
Nov-30-2012 09:37:54 PM
PERFECT FINANCE #1 Newsletter - 13. October, 2012
At the moment we are proud that our client base has approached 3300 total registered accounts, with 2500 active users. Our communication with people and variety of acquaintances results in good benefit for you and new good source of profit based on equity investment for your friends. At PerfectFinance we have always promoted transparency and communication, in order to gain investor trust and confidence. In order to achieve this, PerfectFinance provides 24/7 English live chat. You can also talk to one of our customer support from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM GMT. Call us anytime at +44 20 7097 8777! For our investors’ convenience, we have installed an investment calculator. It does not only include your gained profit, it also includes the principal that you have made your investment with…. What are you waiting for?? Go to the header and calculate your earnings now!! Now, you and your family can share fun and profit altogether. Your family can register using the same PC/IP without any problems. Share everything together and enjoy investing with PerfectFinance. PerfectFinance allows the investors to change their compounding rate at anytime during their investment. Just log into your account and go to “Your Investment” to change it. This option will make your investment instrument even more changeable and flexible. At the end, PerfectFinance wishes to thank all investors and promoters for their trust in our program as we aim to grow our business in the effort to continue to serve you better all the time. -- Best Regards, Christopher Walters https://perfectfinance.biz
Oct-13-2012 01:02:49 PM
LR to PM will be after 48 hour >>> Newslater [profit4saving.com]
Hello dear clients because of LIBERTY RESERVE problem all the clients who did invest from Liberty Reserve they will get exchange in perfect money within 48 hour from now and all pending withdrawal request will be process within 48 hour .Because we are arranging perfect money . Thanks. www.profit4saving.com
Aug-21-2012 09:35:55 PM
Good News! >>> Newslater [Prime-ROI Newslater]
My Dear Investors, We setup new LR account ( U7364766 ) for our site, The old LR account ( U1369049 ) still is locked and we cannot open that, And about our PM account, We buy much more funds for our PM account! Thanks Best Regards Admin
Aug-19-2012 11:53:16 PM
Auto-Withdrawals problem fix >>> Newslater [Offshore-Gain.com]
Auto-Withdrawals problem fix, All payout sent, Please change monitor status and vote us Thanks admin https://offshore-gain.com
Aug-1-2012 12:49:18 AM
OK Pay >>> Newslater [Development Atlantic]
Dear Clients. We have added OK Pay as an option at the site. We are also working on adding EGO Pay, we hope to have this done shortly, just need to update some codes in the scripting. Also keep in mind that the Matrix bonus is running and will continue through August. We have had many members join into the matrix working to grab this bonus cash. That is all for now, we will talk to you in the next update. The Development Atlantic Support Team ----------------------------- Development Atlantic
Jul-24-2012 08:59:52 PM
Matrix Promotion! >>> Newslater [Development Atlantic]
Hello and Happy Friday! As most of you know, we have implemented a 2x2 matrix into the site. The cost to enter the matrix is only $10, and it provides great benefits for those members who wish to track referrals and allows the active members to take advantage of things that are only available to matrix members. To help celebrate our 3 month anniversary online, we are thinking a little contest may be in order to say thanks to our loyal client base. What we have decided to do is: For every member who completes their matrix cycle they will get their $30 fee (this is automatic) however, if that member decides to buy a investment token with that cash, we will add an additional $70 to the 30 and give them a place in the development plan. So in reality it would be like getting a total of $137 for cycling their matrix spot! As you all have seen; STP is still out of commission. We check in every da! y, and will make those payments as soon as possible. We look forward to any feedback on the matrix promotional plan, as we strive to make our site the best it can be for the long term. We love to hear from you all, and so feel free to contact us at anytime. All the best. See you in the next update. The Development Atlantic Support Team ----------------------------- Development Atlantic
Jul-21-2012 04:31:53 AM
Issues (CashGrowth.net)
Hi everyone! Once STP is back up, I will send out STP payments and stop new shares from being purchased. I will then pay out any amount you request, please make sure it is in the same processor you invested with. ThanksBenjaminCashGrowth Owner
Jul-17-2012 02:00:40 PM
Solid Trust and Payza (developmentatlantic.com)
The Payza situation is not much better. They seem to have cut back on accepting online investing sites, and so even though we have a fully verified account, we are not able to integrate it into the script. We have tried very hard to work with them by changing and updating terms, but they are very slow to respond and they never seem to answer our questions with a direct answer. We will keep working with them, but all we can offer now to clients is; you can make a direct transfer and we will update the account manually. We hope your week is starting off well, we will be updating again soon. The Development Atlantic Support Team --------------------------!
Jul-17-2012 11:17:45 AM
STP and Alert Pay
We are also working on integration of Payza. However, the staff at Payza seems slow to respond to tickets. We have tried calling several times, however we can never get a person online. we will continue to reach out to them. We will update again soon, The Development Atlantic Support Team ----------------------------- Development Atlantic
Jul-16-2012 11:29:02 AM
Upadate July 11
We have also been verified “Level One” by the due diligents staff at Money-Monitor TEAM. We feel we are changing the landscape of online investing and business in general. We sure hope you all agree. Please remember that our “Atlantic Matrix” is up and running and we hope that you all will join. The membership fee only costs 10$ and will give the opportunity to earn much more as you invite your friends into the matrix. ALSO; in the members “Atlantic Matrix area of the back office (you need to be in the matrix to view) we are preparing a “money management” video presentation that will enlighten and educate. We think many of you will like the video content as it will show you another way to pull profits from your investments with very little risk. The link again for our review and verification status (we are the only site with verification!) can be found by visiting here. http://developmentatlantic.money-monitor.com/ Stay tuned for further updates in the next few days. All the best. The Development Atlantic Support Team
Jul-11-2012 12:06:28 PM
Please be patient with us. Payments and withdrawals:When we get more deposits, via both STP and LR, we can start paying out daily! We just need to expand our investments with these investments of yours. Please make sure that when you withdraw funds, you use the same processor you deposited with. If you want different e-currency, kindly use xchanger.org or alertexchanger.com we trust those two si tes already. Site promotion:Help us promote the site and earn your nice little bonus plus, the sooner we get more revenue, the sooner we can pay out much, much faster. We're a community here, don't forget that. If you have comments, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us! Have a nice day everyone! Warm Regards,BenjaminCashGrowth Owner
Jun-14-2012 06:47:52 PM
Newsletter for Thursday June 14
Good Day and welcome to the Development Atlantic newsletter for Thursday June 14! We have some exciting new developments with our site. We have updated our Plans, we have updated referral structure and we have added Twitter! First off, let talk about the plans; We have decided to add a new daily plan that will be a wonderful way to earn more on larger deposits, we have kept the timeframe the same, but the percent is higher. We have also kept our private portfolios available for those who are seeking a contract based plan for longer term, all this info can be found at the site by visiting. https://developmentatlantic.com/interface/page.php?id=22 Also note: The private plans are also offering additional bonus percentages based on terms, and so the monthly rates are not carved In stone. Ok, now for the referral structure. We have decided to make the structure 3 levels deep, instead of just one level the way is has been until now. ! ; And so, you will earn 3% on any direct referral, 1.5% on the 2nd level, and 0.5% on level 3. We feel this makes things a little fairer for the promoters who have groups. We hope you like this new structure and you can see we are building for a strong future! For more updates please remember to add us to you Facebook http://www.facebook.com/developmentatlantic We also, have linked things up to twitter! You can get us @atlanticsupport Thanks for your time, and we look forward to your feedback, and questions or comments. Have a GREAT DAY! The Team at Development Atlantic
Jun-14-2012 01:00:01 PM
RCB Up to %3500 - Insurance Your Capital (Just our Downline)
Dear Investors, This is better for ALL Investors. I'm Expert-Liter.com Team Supervisor. 1. Expert-Liter Monitor site has decided to insure a part of investors investment inorder to givn more services to investor for THE FIRST TIME IN ALL MONITORING WEBSITES. Expert-Lister Monitor for the firt step have in sured %11.5, %13.5, %15.5 percent for $1-$100, $101-$250, $251-$2000 level of investments respectively. The insure to occure just our downline and choose Exclusive Listing HYIPs sites. In this link : Exclusive Class Our team wishes to increase it's percent of insurance inadition to it's increased level of services and the main purpose is to be respondent to all your trust , and all thi can come true with your support and TRUST. You can follow us and contact us : admin@expert-lister.com YM : Expert.lister 2. We pay to all investor All Referral Comission Back Up to %3500. Soon, we plan several additional bonuses. Follow the news : BONUS + Powerful Support for all investors Dear Investors, if you’ve received insure we request you to write about it here. Thank you in advance. Good luck in investments!
May-9-2012 04:32:59 PM
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