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5% - 7% - 9% daily Forever (0.21% - 0.3% - 0.38% hourly profit)    Aerobit
Expires: 2018-10-12
Position 5 - $180/Week

5% - 7% - 9% daily Forever (0.21% - 0.3% - 0.38% hourly profit)    Aerobit
Expires: 2018-10-12
Position 6 - $175/Week

3.5% daily for 60 days, 5% daily for 40 days, 6% daily for 30 days    Pro Mine Limited
Expires: 2018-10-20
Position 7 - $170/Week

Aerobit.io - 40 Days online.

Hello Alexander Dubrovskiy,

We would like to congratulate all investors to be part of Aerobit in this journey we have completed 40 days online.

Aerobit.io offers the best investment online with that said, many of our investors are now in profit with +200% from their investments., Aerobit has gained a lot of trusts and with the great support, we have completed the 2nd cycle in that our online days are now 40 days. As Bitcoin is growing in up word directions, mostly all cryptomarket can be seen in green. The whole crypto market has slightly moved on from bear market and enters in the bull market.

Aerobit upcoming features

1 Bounty Project The bounty project will start from the next week and all details regarding bounty will be provided on the website from Monday.

2 Whatsapp group The Official WhatsApp group will be developed for the investors who do not use facebook or telegram.
2018-09-22 11:38:37
Expert-Lister HYIP Monitoring announcement.
Hello investors,
We have receive many requests at our official e-mail and our Skype to open again our monitoring service and introduce reliable and trusted HYIP projects with highest RCB for potential investors as in previous year.

At this time, we have decided to open our monitoring service and we will share and introduce to you [investors] trusted HYIP projects at Expert-Lister website and Twitter and our official Telegram channel: https://t.me/MYHYIP .
Good luck in your investment with us.
2018-04-07 13:35:29
SecureCapitals.com: We invite Regional Representatives

Hello Alexander Dubrovskiy (Expert-Lister)

We always listen to our members to satisfy all their needs. During last few days we received numerous of request for Regional Representative service, so we decided to provide you one.

Anyone who shares our values, principles and is ready to take care of people can be our representative. You need to be ready to answer a lot of questions and meet with people offline who may lack trust in you. For that we offer our regional representatives a higher commission from first level (up to 8%), and we also place their information on our site. Investors get an opportunity to have live communication, including communication in their territory and in their language in order to answer all questions related to our company.

The success of our business depends on the increase in the number of satisfied partners. We attract their attention by giving competitive services, as well as relevant information about them. One of the most popular is the personal recommendation. Experts agree that recommendations are one of the most effective forms of advertising, that serves as the basis of Secure Capital Funding Limited approach to growing the business.

Our representatives system gives new investors a chance to ask questions to Secure Capital Funding Limited experts in their local languages and receive guidance on the entire process of making an investment, it was the best way we found to allow new investors, not used to online investments.
2017-05-12 17:39:02
Want to earn $100+ everyday? PoolEarn is Here! ::Deposit crossing $396,300
Hello Valued Member,
It has been a nice day, since all our members are making money on PoolEarn.com and that is our success at the end of the day.
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Good News: We are launching an advertisement platform where anyone can advertise his/her own site with a minimal listing fee to get a huge traffic from PoolEarn. This facility is coming next week.
PoolEarn is getting so much popularity while we are still new (20 days running) as our programs are legit and profitable. People Trust PoolEarn with 100% accountability from PoolEarn admin.
2017-03-16 10:21:20
HYIP Monitoring
Expires on: 2018-12-30

SQ Monitior
Expires on: 2018-12-26

$46 /week - $138 /month

$44 /week - $132 /month

$42 /week - $126 /month

$40 /week - $120 /month

Top-Ranking Programs: Paid Sticky Hyip

Pro Mine Limited
Minimal Spend : 0.002 BTC
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 3.5% daily for 60 days, 5% daily for 40 days, 6% daily for 30 days
Seven Stars Group LTD
Minimal Spend : $10
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 1.3% daily for 20 days, 2% daily for 40 days, 2.8% daily for 60 days, 3.9% daily for 80 days (Principal Return)
Bit Elitum LTD
Minimal Spend : $30
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 11% daily for 11 days, 160% after 8 days, 180% after 6 days, 250% after 4 days
Minimal Spend : $10
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 1% - 1.5% - 2% - 3% - 4.5% daily for 28 Days (Principal Back)
Minimal Spend : 0.001 BTC
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 2.64% for 60 Days, 3.5% for 40 Days, 4.7% daily for 35 Days
Available Now
Your project may be Here
Available Now
Your project may be Here
Available Now
Your project may be Here
Available Now
Your project may be Here

Splitt Thumbnail
Support E-Mail https://www.facebook.com/splittcorp Twitter
Sticky Program  
DDoS Protection  
SSL Encryption  
Forum Thread  
ROI : 188%
Plans: 2.64% for 60 Days, 3.5% for 40 Days, 4.7% daily for 35 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
Maximum Deposit: 50 BTC
Withdrawal: Manual
Referral: 3 Levels: 4% - 2%-1%
Lifetime: days  
Monitored: 90 days  
User Votes: 33  
Funds Return: $563.42
Last Payout: 2018-09-21
Our Investment: $300.00
Payout Ratio: 188%
Splitt.co is a new cryptocurrency cloud mining investment site. Affiliate reward is 3 levels deep, paying you 4%, 2%, and 1%. Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. Each plan is valid for 35 to 60 days. Check your dashboard for balance every 24 hours to 6 hours based on plans. See the plans for details. Our cryptocurrency mining locations are spread throughout the world, like in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, Myanmar and many more.
Splitt is helping companies and end customers to put efficiency in crypto mining at the centre of all activities. The Splitt solutions for cryptomining offer the highest level of security, are user-friendly, consistently mobile and promote the world of crypto currency. Worldwide we rely on low-cost but qualitative resources.
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33 2018-08-28 18:39 38 xxxxx@lawyer.com
Serveur anti-DDOS, script de qualité et certificat SSL. v3
32 2018-08-28 17:59 43 xxxxx@reborn.com
Paying: Withdrawal: 0.005 (worth 34.08 USD) Aug-28-2018 10:12:50 AM Batch is e6d97f58024940025b1122c767f1aea0e11f0abc7738c5431bdd8cc070fd4ce3 v3
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Transaction Details Date 2018-07-03 06:17:55 Amount 0.003542 Processor Bitcoin Account : 1P8SGNzrJKCw4JFAKx9e89NoJQknpmPRFK Batch : af0cb19500b79e2b0f042c1f560165842e0faa8fabf8ffb07e4953d4b08c6ed4 v3
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Received Bitcoin +0.0021 BTC ? $12.79 Price per coin $6,090.48 From bitcoin address View transaction e4f98a81c73b38f2ce1fefb5805c2ed78795bcb665c5d6ca63 6e963d8c41ba39 6/27/2018 6:38 PM COMPLETED v3
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Pro Mine Limited
Expires on: 2018-10-06

Pro Mine Limited
Expires on: 2018-10-06

$148 /week - $444 /month

Sep 21st, 2018
Status: Paying
Sep 19th, 2018
Status: Paying
Sep 16th, 2018
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Status: Paying
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