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The Radiant Mining And Trading Company
Hello Alexander Dubrovskiy (Expert-Lister)
RADIANT GOLD MINING LTD is at heart a gold exploration company. However, we are opportunistic and are looking at other natural resource opportunities that present a favorable upside. The Company is well financed and management has a wealth of experience in all aspects of mineral exploration and development.
Radiant Gold Mining Ltd is also a place to invest and earn profits with stable percent. The company employ the uttermost skills, experiences and professional tactics in stock, Forex traders and gold trading. Our focus is to offer to individuals an exclusive funds management service. We are looking forward to have a long-term relationship with the investors and in turn we will do our best to provide quality services to our members. Our opinion about Investing, as a rule, is all about managing risks. For us, it means also, to provide our clients fast returns and payouts on time, and so share profits together and as a result, earn up more. The only way to guarantee our growth is to ensure that our investors grows first and this is the reason why we care about investors and their investment.
2017-02-18 11:20:27
Hello again to all the investors, money earners and online business professionals around the globe! Today we’d like to start with a warm note of upcoming Christmas celebration straight from Zinc7’s Platform administration team and CEO himself:
It’s getting colder outside, at least in our town.
And many people in the platform earning round and round We’re growing fast and getting strong Towards the Guinness record Of simple folks like me and you To find that chance called “second” We are so happy for success which managed we to brought To all the merry fellas From start “don’t even thought” Much more to go, so much to see Together we can make it And final quote from happy me “That “record” - we will brake it!”
As you might notice already, a lot of updates we have been working on. Let us highlight some of the most important features in store

Our native translators did a good job localizing all the content of Zinc7 Platform to all 15 most popular languages online. Now we have our website completely translated on:
* English
* Русский
* Bahasa
* Português
2017-01-25 14:57:44
Web site host connection problem - Soft-Mining
The host is in regular
Do not worry
2017-01-25 14:20:59
Congratulations to the buyer 50000 lottery ticket
Congratulations to the buyer 50000 lottery ticket Macao Lotto. The winner was Tuấn (****an**viet1977@gmail.com) from Vietnam.
Congratulations! The prize has been sent!
What's new in Macao Lotto??

Bonus Video Review Macao Lotto:
Desktop Review - $ 3.
Selfies review - $ 10.
The bonus is credited to your partners account. Withdrawal is available to Perfect Money.
2017-01-25 14:18:48
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Reliable and Trust Exchange System
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